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Natraj/Beckham Take Third on Day One of Missouri State Invitational
Friday, October 26, 2018
Natraj/Beckham Take Third on Day One of Missouri State Invitational

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. --- The Tennessee State women’s tennis team completed day one of the Missouri State Invitational with a third draw, third place victory by duo Pragati Natraj and Mackenzie Beckham.

Natraj and Beckham moved through the first round of the third draw defeating Missouri State’s Meyer and Gandara Gonzalez, 6-2. Moving on to the second round, the pairing fell 6-2 to SEMO’s Tarajova and Barriga.

Veterans Morgan Cage and freshman Claudia Sole fought their way through the main doubles draw, finishing seventh after defeating Western Illinois’ Ma Ajong and Melnizki in a close, 6-4, match.

“Day one of the Missouri State women’s tournament was all doubles with a lot, a lot of great teams,” said Coach Walker. “I was really impressed with the competition, and it’s good for us to play good competition. Mackenzie and Pragati got third place, and I was very proud of Mackenzie; she held her composure and as a freshman held her own and was not scared. Claudia and Morgan closed out the day with a great win, and hopefully we just learned as we get ready to move on to tomorrow’s singles play. I look forward to a good day.”

Big Blue continues with singles play at the Cooper Tennis Complex tomorrow at 9 a.m.


1Doubles: XIN/NONOYAMA (UCA) def. CAGE, Morgan/SOLE, Claudia (TSU), 6-3

1Doubles: CAGE, Morgan/SOLE, Claudia def. MA AJONG/MELNIZKI (WIL), 6-4 – FOR SEVENTH PLACE      

2Doubles: DARTER/PRESCOT (MSU) def. VISHWANATH. Abhilasha/KAKKAR, Aarushi, 6-3

2Doubles:BJELICA/BJELICA (WIL) def. VISHWANATH. Abhilasha/KAKKAR, Aarushi, 6-2

3Doubles: NATRAJ, Pragati/BECKHAM, Mackenzie (TSU) def. MEYER/GANDARA GONZALEZ (MSU), 6-2

3Doubles: TARAJOVA/BARRIGA (SEMO) def. NATRAJ, Pragati/BECKHAM, Mackenzie (TSU), 6-2

3Doubles: NATRAJ, Pragati/BECKHAM, Mackenzie (TSU) def. MANJANNA/GARBINO (ULM), 6-3 – FOR THIRD PLACE