Wednesday, November 3, 2004
NASHVILLE --- Tennessee Tech's Megan French and Beth Underhill each shot a 36-hole total of 157 to lead the Golden Eaglettes to a win in the Tennessee State Fall Quad which concluded Tuesday at Nashboro Village Golf Club. Tech finished with a 656, followed by Evansville 7-1, and TSU 735. A scheduled fourth participant, Alabama A&M, withdrew from the field. TSU's Jessica Nemnich finished fourth with a 170 while Leslie Scarborough with fifth with a 172. Tennessee Tech 325-331--656 Natasha Bolton 89-86--175 Brandy Stout 86-88--174 Megan French 79-78--157 Kristen Martinez 82-WD Beth Underhill 78-79--157 Evansville 348-353--701 Justine Krueger 92-91--183 Danielle Greco 89-92--181 Crissy Higgins 85-88--173 Helen Cuffe 82-87--169 Katherine Shoener 92-87--179 Tennessee State 369-366--735 Jessica Nemnich 85-85--170 Leslie Scarborough 84-88--172 LaToya Moppins 95-91--186 Morgan Brown 105-102--207 Mary Brigance 109-WD-WD