Tiger Talk with Coach Ty Evans
Monday, September 14, 2020
Tiger Talk with Coach Ty Evans

Tennessee State University women's basketball head coach Ty Evans sat down with TSUTigers.com to talk about his first days, his passion and the team in this edition of Tiger Talk.  

Q: How have your first days been?

Coach Ty: “It’s been a lot of decisions being made, me asking a lot of questions, just learning the fabric of Tennessee State University. More importantly, just learning my players and just continuing to cultivate that relationship between myself, my players, and my staff.

Q: What is one word that describes you and why?

Coach Ty: “Real. I am extremely genuine, I am transparent. That doesn’t mean I going to you all my secrets. But if you ask me a question, I am going to give you an answer.

Q: What is something fun or interesting about yourself?

Coach Ty: “I love romantic comedies. Any movie with Jennifer Anderson in it, I am watching it. No pun intended but I just love to have fun as well. Basketball is a game. I think a lot of times we forget that. When you were younger and you started playing basketball… if it wasn’t  fun, I don’t think you would have started to play. That is why I started to play. I coach from that same perspective. I just like to have fun. What is interesting about me is that I actually love to read. I read everything. Tabloids, Autobiographies, Obituaries of people I don’t know. I read everything. That is just how I learn. I am a vivacious reader.”

Q: You had a lot of energy out there on the court today. What gets you going?

Coach Ty: You know what, having energy for me is just natural. I think when you love what you do and you’re passionate about what you do, you are going to be energetic about it. It’s just something that happens naturally. It’s not something I have to try to do. That’s just who I am as a coach, that’s who I was as a player, and thats who I am as a person.

Coach Ty: I did not come here just to coach. I came here to win. I came here to do something special. I came here to have an impact on these young ladies’ lives... ten or fifteen years down the road. I think that’s very important. They have four years of eligibility left, but I want to foster relationships that last a lifetime. For me that is a very important thing.”