Tigers Take a Dip
Thursday, August 18, 2016
Tigers Take a Dip

Nashville --- Head Coach Kathy Bullock decided that the volleyball team needed a change of scenery. Thursday morning, instead of going to South Beach the team took their talents to the pool. The Tigers have been practicing two and often three times a day in order to be ready for their first tournament August 26 in Montgomery, Ala.

The Tigers had a full team workout in the pool before an extremely competitive; but fun series of volleyball matches. Bullock served as the referee so that there would be no issues in regards to the rules. 

After having Wednesday off, the team got to cool off and step away from the court. The Tigers assisted with freshmen move in on campus Wednesday morning before getting some much needed rest.  Bullock and her team will resume practice Thursday evening with a scrimmage.

Camp for the volleyball team will end Saturday with a scrimmage versus the alumni at 10am in The Gentry Center. The volleyball team will get to compete versus former Tigers, while Bullock and staff examine the team and what improvements need to be cleaned up before they start the season. School will begin for student-athletes on Monday morning.