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Inside Athletics: My Summer Experience - Maddison Clark
Monday, August 7, 2017
Inside Athletics: My Summer Experience - Maddison Clark

Maddison Clark completed her second season with the Tennessee State softball team. After her first season with the Tigers, Clark and fellow teammate Emma Colegrove traveled to the Dominican Republic with Outreach360 to teach English and softball to under privileged youth.

After her sophomore year, Clark has taken her first step into building a career. Clark, a Fashion Merchandising major, entered on the ground level in hopes to build her knowledge for her desired industry.

Q: How have you spent your summer break?
MC: This summer I have been living in Nashville with teammates (Lauren Powel & Emma Colegrove), working and travelling as much as possible.

Q: Where have you travelled?
MC: I got to travel and stay with teammates each time. Patton (Akers), Erica (O’Kane) and I flew into Boston to visit Danica (Gleason) in Maine for her graduation party. Kierra (Ware), Patton and I drove down to Florida to visit Sarah (Snell) and go to Universal Orlando. I also made a second trip with Patton down to Florida. I have definitely been lucky to make so many new friends through softball.

Q: When you are not travelling, where do you work?
MC: I work at Alex and Ani.

Q: What is Alex and Ani?
MC: It is an American made, eco-conscious jewelry store. Every piece has a story and meaning behind it, and many of the pieces are made from recycled materials.

Q: What made you choose Alex and Ani?
MC: My major is Fashion Merchandising, so working retail is a good baby step, especially before getting an internship next summer.

Q: Was there any other draws to Alex and Ani?
MC:  They are very passionate about charity, which is something that means a lot to me ever since my trip to the Dominican Republic last summer.

Q: What does the company do for charity?
MC: There is an entire line of bracelets that donates to specific charities such as UNICEF, the American Cancer Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters and many more.

Q: What is your favorite thing about their dealings with charities?
MC:  No one gets turned away. Not every charity is big enough to have a bracelet designed for it, but we still can help. Our store hosts events for local charities where a percentage of the proceeds go back to them.

Q: Have you had an opportunity to participate in any way?
MC: This summer I got to be a part of an event for Musicians on Call. Two musicians came in to sing during the event and we raised about $2,000. Being able to give back to people is my favorite part about working for Alex and Ani.

Q: How might this job benefit you in the future?
MC: I have learned a lot about the business side of a company. I also have learned about visual merchandising (how to set up the store), which is something I really enjoy. As part of my degree requirements, I must get an internship, which I plan to do next summer.

Q: Would you like to do an internship with Alex and Ani?
MC: I definitely want to look into interning with Alex and Ani. No matter what, I really want to move to a different city for the summer to experience what it’s like living outside of Tennessee.