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Inside Athletics: My Summer Experience - Patton Akers
Monday, July 17, 2017
Inside Athletics: My Summer Experience - Patton Akers

Patton Akers was one of seven players from the softball team that recorded a 4.0 GPA in the spring semester. The soon to be sophomore talks about her summer internship in preperation for a career in Civil Engineering

Q: How has this summer break been for you?
PA: This summer break has been my favorite summer break so far!

Q: What has made this break so great?
PA: Not only did I get experience in my career through an internship, but I also got to travel a lot and spend time with friends.

Q: Where have you traveled to this summer?
PA: This summer I've been to Maine, Boston, Chicago, Minnesota and Florida twice. I'm lucky the place I interned with allowed me to be so flexible with my hours.

Q: Who are you interning with this summer?
PA: This summer I am interning with the civil engineers for the city of Hamilton, Ohio.

Q: What are the benefits to this internship?
PA: I'm doing this to gain experience and knowledge for my major, which is civil engineering.

Q: How did you come about this opportunity?
PA: One of my coaches growing up works for the city of Hamilton in another department and told me about the available position. I've really learned a lot of useful information so far!

Q: What are some of the things you have experienced?
PA: I've learned how to evaluate and calculate roadway base failures, evaluate concrete curb sideways and sidewalks to see if they meet guidelines, I’ve tracked quarries for the billing of contractors and property owners, I’ve surveyed roadways and curbs to calculate slope in order to design for proper drainage, I’ve used a GPS system to gain position and coordinates of city infrastructure systems, and I have communicated with residents to explain the process of work the city is doing.

Q: How much of your time have you been in the field?
PA: I've spent about 70 percent of my time in the field and about 30 percent in the office.

Q: How great is it to be in the field so much?
PA: I really appreciate the opportunity to go out into the field, it's allowed me to experience real life scenarios and see all the blueprints and plans come to life.

Q: What have you taken from this experience?
PA: Overall, I have gained a lot of useful, real world experience through this opportunity. It makes me even more excited for my future.

Q: Do you have an opportunity to continue with the City of Hamilton department next summer?
PA: As far as next year, I haven't yet decided if I would like to return to Ohio, or apply for an internship in Nashville or somewhere different. But I am extremely thankful for how well this internship and the city of Hamilton have treated me!