Lieutenant General Ronald L. Bailey Presents to TSU Athletics
Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Lieutenant General Ronald L. Bailey Presents to TSU Athletics

NASHVILLE --- Lieutenant General Ronald L. Bailey of the United States Marine Corp delivered a powerful message to members of the Tennessee State University Athletic Department on Wednesday as part of Marine Week Nashville 2016.

Speaking to student-athletes and coaches from the football, men’s basketball, golf and softball teams, as well as members of the athletic administration, Lt. General Bailey discussed a number of topics including leadership, dealing with adversity and playing your role.

Lt. General Bailey was on TSU’s campus as part of a U.S. Marine Corps Business World Leadership Seminar presented by the Tennessee State University College of Business.

“One thing I tell people all the time is control what you can control. The things you can control are your enthusiasm, your eagerness and your industriousness. You control those things. Don’t compare yourself to anybody else. Compare yourself to you. When you say, am I being, am I giving, am I doing the best that I can do? Whether I’m sitting on a battle line, whether I’m sitting in a Pentagon office, all I require is that you do the best you can do. You’ll be self-fulfilled when you know that you gave it the best that you can.”

“You must always accept 100 percent responsibility for everything that you do. Every decision that you make, you don’t make excuses, you don’t blame others. You know, I made that decision, so I’m always man enough to live by the decisions that I’ve made.”

“You shouldn’t wonder aimlessly in life. You should write goals down. You should have a goal for what you want to do and what you want to accomplish. That’s your purpose. I’m telling you, if you do that, you will be amazed at how much structure it will add to your life. Any road will do if you don’t have a map. You’ve got to have a map, and you’ve got to have a plan.”