Student-Athletes and Coaches Participate in Leadership Training
Friday, September 2, 2016
Student-Athletes and Coaches Participate in Leadership Training


NASHVILLE --- In continuing with the Ohio Valley Conference’s leadership initiative, the Tennessee State University athletics department welcomed Dr. Becky Bedics to campus to conduct a seminar this week.

The event, which took place over a span of two-days, was designated for student-athletes, coaches and administrators in the athletics department. Each group met in the meeting room on the third floor of Hankal Hall.

On Wednesday night, Dr. Bedics met with the student-athletes. She met with the freshmen and sophomores during the first session then the upperclassmen came in later that evening.

Thursday morning was reserved for the members of the coaching staff and administration.

The seminar featured a number of topics that were relevant for today’s college athletic experience. Some of the main items of discussions were values, roles and empowering your leaders. The coaches also shared their thoughts on what challenges they face with student-athletes and had small table discussions on various issues before expressing their ideas with the larger group.

“I think the professional advice was very beneficial,” said head men’s basketball coach Dana Ford. “Taking the time to evaluate whether or not you’re building leaders is something that I think every program should do. Every year we get more and more from this leadership training. I think the examples Dr. Bedics gives are really good and can really help you in case you run into those situations in the future.”

The student-athletes had a more interactive workshop as they participated in a number of activities that highlighted the importance of communication and leadership.

The night included a number of activities that required the participants to showcase their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. The student-athletes also had discussions on other helpful topics.

Senior Woman Administrator Valencia Jordan thought that the leadership workshop provided a wealth of knowledge to the student-athletes and coaches. She also talked about the benefits of the leadership training.

“I think it will help the student athletes to be equipped with the tools to help them become better leaders. As far as the coaches, it really gave them nuggets to incorporate into what they’re already doing or evaluate if they need to improve in an area. Because at the end of the day, the success of their season is going to be indicative of the leadership from the top down. If we can build these young people as leaders, they’re going to be better student athletes and better citizens.”

Dr. Becky Ahlgren Bedics is the President and Owner of Ahlgren-Bedics Consulting, LLC and serves as the Director of Leadership Development for Collegiate Sports at Janssen Sports Leadership Center Foundation. Ahlgren-Bedics works toward the goal of offering customized programs and workshops for Student-Athletes and Administrators.