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Student-Athletes Prepare for the Future with Financial Literacy Seminar
Thursday, February 11, 2016
Student-Athletes Prepare for the Future with Financial Literacy Seminar


In continuing with the goal to promote personal development for student-athletes, the Tennessee State University athletics department hosted a Financial Literacy Seminar on Friday.

The seminar, which was sponsored by Regions Bank, was created to assist the student-athletes in making important decisions that contribute to financial wellness.

The one-hour session was offered to give the student-athletes valuable tips financially and in many other aspects of everyday life that would prepare them to recognize and seize important opportunities as they occur.

Financial literary coach Eric Smith led seminar and interacted with the student-athletes throughout the presentation. Smith talked about the importance of saving money, investing, budgeting as well as other things.

The large room was nearly filled to capacity of student-athletes from all 15 TSU programs.

“Hopefully the students were taking notes,” said Track and Field Director Chandra Cheeseborough-Guice. “It was good advice that can help them in their future if they apply it. Things like this are important because it gives our kids an advantage and opportunities. It also shows them that we are not just concerned about their athletic ability but we are trying to help them be successful in life.”

Men’s basketball freshman Samson Oyediran said he would like to see more activities like this.

“I believe this was really helpful. As far as being an international student, I can’t get loans in this country at all. Family support isn’t an easy thing so the scholarship really benefits me. So whatever income I have, just understanding how to save it is really helpful. Being athletes we can’t work because of time but to find out that there are ways that you can still save was really beneficial.”

The student-athletes were given handouts and other information to help them remember the tips they learned. They also received a form with details on how to prepare a spending plan.

Other quotes...
Erick Evans, Football
“I learned how to manage my money and if I ever wanted to invest, how to go about it. This was important for student athletes because we don’t really have a solid income so the money that we do have, it gave us insight on how to save and how to work it.”

Chloe Watson, Volleyball
“The most important thing I took away from this seminar is the importance of saving money and how important it is as college students to start saving and investing early. People tell me I should save all the time but I think I have a better idea of how to do it now.”

Chris Collins, Football
“It was very beneficial because we don’t really have people to come tell us how to save our money. [He] talked to us about putting your money up and how to make interest off your money. We learned how important it is to save money and how it will help you in the long run.”