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Germany Update Day 3: Classes Commence
Thursday, May 15, 2014
Germany Update Day 3: Classes Commence


BERLIN – Classes started early Wednesday morning for the 16 students attending Tennessee State’s study abroad in Germany and among the topics covered was the history of the Berlin Wall which also happened to be the first destination on the morning’s itinerary.

“The purpose of the trip is to learn about German history and culture,” Associate Dean of Liberal Arts Dr. Dark said. “But is to also to help the students think about their own identity in the world.”

The group of TSU scholars and representatives boarded a train headed towards Alexander Plaza at the nearby station, and then took the subway to reach what was left of The Wall.

 Dr. Dark filled the crowd in with further insight on the construction and eventual destruction of the barrier, before taking the class towards the Capitol Building.

After seeing the capitol and grabbing lunch, the contingent decided to ride out beyond Berlin to one of its suburbs to see a concentration camp, Sachsenhausen, firsthand.

It seemed everything in Germany was new and different, and it all had a unique story to tell.

“All of the buildings and churches are really pretty,” TSU women’s golfer Natalie Spicer said. “You can see the history just by walking past. I am so excited to see more, take a lot of pictures and learn about the German way of living.”

Outside of the new sights, a handful of students had to rely on their senses of taste and feeling when they ate at the famous Dark Bar on Tuesday night. The restaurant was pitch black to where diners could not even see the food being served to them.

“At first I was skeptical and scared about eating without seeing, but I eventually got the hang of using your fingers to feel around for the utensils. Also, being able to talk to our group while dining helped calm me down,” Spicer said.

Classes will continue on Thursday and the delegation will visit Humboldt University and see the Brandenburg Gate.

Germany Update Day 1: From Nashville to Newark

NEWARK, N.J. – After arriving at the Nashville airport at 4 a.m. for a six o’clock flight, the 29 Tennessee State representatives arrived in Newark to await a connecting flight to Berlin, Germany.

The small passenger plane, which barely had enough room to fit the traveling party, touched down at 9 a.m., but not before giving glimpses of the Statue of Liberty and MetLife Stadium. The group then went to eat at the airport food court and look forward to going to the final destination in eight hours.

In the meantime, students and administrators will play games, sleep and read to try and kill the time before the nine hour flight.

This page will serve as an update for the athletic department’s study abroad trip to Europe. Be sure to check back for updates every couple of days including pictures of many historical landmarks.