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Quarantine Q&A with Maksims Kazijevs
Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Quarantine Q&A with Maksims Kazijevs

Due to the world’s current state of affairs and the measures that were put into place, Tennessee State University Student-Athletes have had to make adjustments to how they go about their everyday lives.

In March, TSU transitioned to online classes and all athletic related activities, including completion and practice were suspended. Since then, student-athletes have had to adjust to a new normal.

Name: Maksims Kazijevs
Sport: Tennis
Classification: Sophomore

Q: How has this health crisis affected you as it relates to your sport?

A: It was pretty rough experience for me and my team. We were preparing hard for conference matches and suddenly we heard the news that season and conference tournament had been canceled. That was a shock for everyone including myself. I feel that all the hard work that was done was useless. But we will come back stronger next year.

Q: How has the transition to online classes had an affect on your life?

A: It didn’t affect my academic experience. I was doing everything to succeed in class that’s why I could stay at top of my class. I still can reach my professors and lectures are the same as they would be in the class.

Q: How have you adjusted to the “new normal” that the world is currently facing?

A: From the first day when I came to my home country I tried to stay at home as much as possible. It was hard at the beginning but after some time it became a normal thing. People have to understand that staying at home is the best thing to do currently.

Q: What are you doing to stay on top of your game while you have to train/practice away from your team?

A: Unfortunately all sport events are suspended and restricted at my country. So I’m trying to run everyday and do the workout.

Q: How are you taking advantage of or making the most out of this situation?

A: While other teams aren’t doing anything I’m trying to improve myself. I believe that would be an advantage when we will have to come back. And during this pandemic I have more free time and resources so it is advantage for me to do well in classes.

Q: What are you doing to keep in contact with your teammates and coaches?

A: We are sending messages to each other and trying to keep contact. As well, coaches are reaching out every week to see if we are doing well or if we need any help.