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TSU Men's Basketball Update - First Week of Practice Complete
Friday, October 6, 2017
TSU Men's Basketball Update - First Week of Practice Complete

NASHVILLE --- The first week of practice for the Tennessee State men's basketball team is in the books. The Tigers are just over a month away from the Nov. 10 season opener at Kansas. 

TSU Head Coach Dana Ford gave his thoughts on how practices have been going so far this season. 

“I think we’re getting a little bit better each and every day. Some of our returners have been very impressive, which we kind of anticipated. Such high character guys, great listeners, guys that are committed to doing what we ask, so we’re not surprised by that. Our new guys are trying hard, it’s just a learning curve for them. They don’t really know how we play and how we operate, but everyone’s attitude has been great. No one has really complained about the coaching or just how we go about doing things.”
- Thoughts on the First Week of Practice

“I think being the best teammate you can be in terms of individual focus. With our team on the defensive end, we’re trying to get guys to understand the importance of moving with the ball every time it moves. On the offensive end, we have to take care of the ball. That’s been a major, major emphasis of our practices thus far. Those three things are really what we’re focused on right now.”
- On the Focus of Practice

“We’re adding new things every day – offensively and defensively. We’re not slowing it down. Guys just have to do a better job listening. Guys have to do a better job learning and our system this year will be a little bit more complex than it’s been in the past. Our success will be determined by how well we can execute on both ends of the floor, and with that, comes a lot of teaching. Hopefully everyone does a good job and pays attention and catches on.”
- On how much they have implemented so far

“Just continue to improve a little bit every day, continue to be sharp execution-wise, continue to see confidence grow on the offensive end for certain guys. We’d love to continue to stay healthy like we have been. We’ve got some minor ankle injuries, but nothing out of the norm. It’s going to pick up. Each day you have to start thinking about getting closer to your scrimmages and getting closer to your games. We’ve still got a lot of time before all that, but there’s just so much to teach this group with six new guys that we anticipate playing, so hopefully they can just learn something new each day.”
- On what he wants to see during week two