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My TSU Experience: Christian Griggs-Williams
Thursday, June 9, 2016
My TSU Experience: Christian Griggs-Williams
Photo By Sam Jordan - TSU Athletics

Christian Griggs-William came to Tennessee State after graduating from Long Beach State with a bachelor’s degree in communications. He played his final year of eligibility with the Tiger basketball team as a graduate student and played in 30 games. He shot an impressive 48.1 percent (13-for-27) clip from three-point range and averaged 15.2 minutes per outing. A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Griggs-Williams is pursuing a master’s degree in Sports Administration.

He shared his TSU Experience with

TSUTigers: Talk about your overall TSU experience.

A: My TSU experience was a great one. First coming here was a little shaky for me because I was alone in a new environment, but the team, coaches & the people (students, etc) made it easy for me to not only adjust, but to be me. Spending a year out of ball, TSU made my transition a smooth one.

TSUTigers: What do you love most about TSU?

A: TSU was at a standstill for a few years, but this year’s team brought out the school spirit in a lot of people that lost it. I loved the togetherness of the students, coming to every game & showing support. I love our fan base because they loved us. I also loved my team, we went through a lot of trials & tribulations to reach the success that we did. A lot of blood, sweat & tears were left on that court & with that we grew stronger.

TSUTigers: What will you miss most about TSU?

A: I’ll definitely miss my team & coaching staff. We had a great season, definitely something to build off of. We all genuinely loved & cared for each other. I wish that we could’ve gone further, but we still had a year to remember.

TSUTigers: What is your most memorable sports moment at TSU?

A: My most memorable sports moment is of course the crazy play when we played Tennessee Tech & it ended with KD throwing the ball off the back board for X with the And-1 dunk. We were a team possessed that game.

TSUTigers: What is your most memorable non-sports moment at TSU?

A: My most memorable non-sports moment has to be Homecoming. That was a crazy week, but definitely a crazy weekend. Future came & performed. I had a lot of fun that weekend.

TSUTigers: How do you feel social networking played a role in this season?

A: Social networking was huge for us & any sport at that. That was our way of advertising our games & it helped fill in the seats. This world is a technology world, everyone is always on their Snapchat & Instagram, so posting game day pictures made it easy for us to get ourselves out there.

TSUTigers: Do you have a favorite TSU fan/supporter? If so, who?

A: No, I don’t have a favorite fan/supporter, I’m thankful for everyone that was able to come to a game or support us during our journey.

TSUTigers: What advice would you give to incoming freshman?

A: Advice I would give an upcoming freshman is to stay the course. You know why you came here, for academics & athletics. Not saying that you can’t have fun & enjoy yourself, by all means these are your college years, but keep your focus on your goals. Don’t become derailed.

TSUTigers: Who was your favorite professor?

A: My favorite professor has to be Dr. Hamilton, she one of the coolest, down to earth realest you can meet. Her sarcasm can be taken the wrong way, but you know it’s nothing personal. As she would say, “It is what it is.”

TSUTigers: Who have been the most influential people to you at TSU?

A: Top influential people to me are Coach Ford & Dr. Hamilton, both expected the best from me, but at the same time didn’t expect me to know everything or have everything down packed. They both worked with me throughout the year.

TSUTigers: What’s next for you?

A: My next move is to finish my degree & continue to play basketball on a professional level

TSUTigers: Once you are an alumnus, how will you stay connected with TSU?

A: Once I am an alum of course I have to come visit a few games in my free time, if I have any

TSUTigers: What do you know now that you didn’t know coming in?

A: Coming in a young man, the coaching staff helped mold me more into the man I wanted & need to be to be successful.

TSUTigers: What have you learned at TSU that you will keep with you for the rest of your life?

A: This will have to tie into the previous answer… in being a man & handling your responsibilities on & off the court. Taking care of your business & being a man of your word.

TSUTigers: Is there anything else that you would like to say to the TSU family?

A: I just want to thank the TSU family for taking a chance on me. Coming here changed my life because it gave me another chance to play the game I love. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be at full strength, but I still gave it all I had out there on the court day in and day out. I appreciate you accepting me & giving me another place to call home.