Tiger Feature: My TSU Experience with Chris Conner
Monday, June 18, 2012
Tiger Feature: My TSU Experience with Chris Conner

Chris Conner spent three years with the Tennessee State University men's basketball program. In 2011-12, he competed in 19 games for the Tigers, including TSU's historic win over No. 7 Murray State.  Academically, Conner boasted one of the highest GPAs of Kappa Alpha Psi graduates in his province. He recently earned the Brother of the Year award for his community service and leadership. The Maryland Eastern Shore transfer posted a 3.39 GPA during his undergraduate career. A native of Powell, Tenn., Conner earned his bachelor's in agricultural science in May 2012.

TSUTigers sat down with Chris to talk about his TSU experience.

TSUTigers: Talk about your overall TSU experience.

C. Conner: There were many ups and downs during my TSU experience. However, I take great pride in being an alumnus of TSU. Overall I would consider my TSU experience enjoyable.  

TSUTigers: What do you love most about TSU?

C. Conner: The thing I loved most about TSU is the environment.  Being from a family with many TSU alumni I would always hear them say, "There is no place like TSU."  Over my three years at TSU I have come to fully understand and agree with that statement.

TSUTigers: What will you miss most about TSU?

C. Conner: The thing I will miss most about TSU is all the friends that I have made.

TSUTigers: What is your most memorable basketball moment at TSU?

C. Conner: My most memorable basketball moment was when we beat Murray State. They were undefeated and ranked in the top ten at the time. I was happy to see our team get national exposure.

TSUTigers: What is your most memorable non-basketball moment at TSU?

C. Conner: Crossing into Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Alpha Theta Chapter

TSUTigers: How do you feel social networking played a role in this season?

C. Conner: I think fans had an easier time keeping up with the scores of all TSU athletic games through social networking.  I feel social networking can be used as a great tool to keep fans updated on everything going on in the athletics department.

TSUTigers: Do you have a favorite TSU fan/supporter? If so, who?

C. Conner: I would like to give my family a special shout out on this question. My mom and dad Clarence and Bernice Conner have supported, encouraged, and been my biggest fans not just while at TSU but all my life. I also want to show love to my older brothers Isaac and Dexter Conner. They have both been vital to my development in basketball, but more importantly as a man. Last but definitely not least my big sister Anica Conner who has always been there to help push me to be the best I could be.

TSUTigers: What advice would you give to incoming freshman?

C. Conner: Take advantage of the great opportunities college has to offer. Get involved on campus.  Have fun, but don't forget the reason you're in college. Keep your grades as high as you can.

TSUTigers: What was your most challenging class at TSU?

C. Conner: Statistics

TSUTigers: Who was your favorite professor?

C. Conner: Mr. Sammy Comer

TSUTigers: What organizations were you a part of outside of basketball?

C. Conner: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc,

TSUTigers: Who have been the most influential people to you at TSU?

C. Conner: Mr. Lee Brown, Professor X, Dr. Wosene Yefru, Dean John Cade, Dr. Johnnie C. Smith

TSUTigers: What's next for you?

C. Conner: Graduate School.

TSUTigers: Once you are an alumnus, how will you stay connected with TSU?

C. Conner: I hope to receive e-mails and/or magazines about what is happening at TSU.

TSUTigers: What do you know now that you didn't know coming in as a freshman?

C. Conner: I better understand the importance of networking and being more personable.

TSUTigers: What have you learned at TSU that you will keep with you for the rest of your life?

C. Conner: I learned the importance of managing time. Playing a sport in college is very time consuming, however I still wanted to be very involved with a few organizations on campus. I was able to do this only by learning to manage every minute of my day.

TSUTigers: Is there anything else that you would like to say to the TSU family?

C. Conner: I appreciate all the love and support so many people gave to me over my three years at TSU. I look forward to being a proud supporter of TSU for the rest of my life.  GO BIG BLUE!!!