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Offensive Coordinator/Run Game-WR's
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QB Coach/Pass Game Coordinator
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Defensive Backs (Safeties)
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Defensive Backs (Corners)
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Co-Defensive Coordinator
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Offensive Line
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Defensive Ends
Reno Thompson
Football Operations
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Full Roster
Reno Thompson

Reno Thompson was named football operations graduate assistant in the fall of 2009. Thompson was a starter for TSU football playing the defensive back positions.

During his playing career with the Tigers, he missed only two games in four years.

Thompson will be responsible for all phases of the football team's travel, management of the pre-season camp, student volunteers and the day-to-day operations of the program.

He will also serve as the liaison to all university administrative and support areas. In addition, he will work closely with the football booster groups, TSUAA, the compliance and academic offices while serving as the contact person for professional scouts. In the off season, he will also assist with the organization of recruiting efforts and football camps.

A native of Nashville, Tenn., Thompson finished his undergraduate studies with a bachelor of science in sports communication and broadcasting from TSU. He is currently pursuing a masters in sports administration.