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Countdown to Tiger Camp 2018: Behind the Scenes
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Countdown to Tiger Camp 2018: Behind the Scenes

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Follow the Tigers through the final 30 hours leading up to the first practice for the 2018 football season.

Thursday, August 2

10 a.m. - Player Check-in (30 Hours till 1st Practice)


  • Players checked in to Boyd Hall from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • Members will reside in Boyd Hall for the first 12 days of camp
  • Players moved in the key essentials, including TV's and video game units


3 p.m. - Equipment Fitting (25 Hours till 1st Practice)

  • After lunch, the athletes attended a compliance meeting before heading down to the locker room
  • Players went through the final stages of the fitting of shoulder pads and helmets
  • Players were issued equipment and Lockers


4 p.m. - Team Meeting (24 Hours till 1st Practice)

  • Players returned to Hankal Hall for a team meeting
  • Coach Reed outlined the procedure for Day One
  • The players were also reintroduced to team rules before breaking for the evening



Friday, August 3

6:15 a.m. - Breakfast (10 Hours till 1st Practice)

  • The team started the day early with their first meal
  • The players wasted no time, as they headed to "the Hole" to get the blood flowing


7:15 a.m. - Conditioning Test (9 Hours till 1st Practice)


  • The Tigers put the Summer Workouts on display as they started the day with "a run"
  • The Big Blue completed the workout and will return to Hale Stadium at 4:00 p.m. for the first practice of the season


8:15 a.m. - Defense: Lift / Offense: Meetings (8 Hours till 1st Practice)


  • The defensive unit started with a lift
  • The offense ran through meetings


9:30 a.m. - Offense: Lift / Defense: Meetings (7 Hours till 1st Practice)


  • The units switched, as the offense entered the weight room and the defense hit the classroom
  • The morning session concluded as the special teams unit gathered for their initial meeting


3:00 p.m. - Taping (1 Hour till 1st Practice)

4:00 p.m. - First Practice

  • 90 Tigers Reported for Camp
  • This marked the first of 13 practices before the start of classes
  • The defense forced to turnovers, including one on the final play of the day
  • The Tigers are preparing for its first game of the season against Bethune-Cookman on Sept. 1 

Redshirt-Senior Center Thomas Burton
-On 2018 goals
“I’m trying to win a conference championship. It’s been five long years. I’ve put in a lot of work. I just want to see all of the work pay off.”

-On self-improvement
“I have to come to practice every day and push myself and my teammates. Push myself to the best of my abilities and give my all every day.”

-On summer preparations
“I went hard this summer in the weight room, indoor – you name it, I did it.”

-On what the offense needs to work on
“As long as we come to practice every day and work and get on the same page, I think we’ll be alright.”

Redshirt-Senior Defensive End Dell Porter
-On 2018 goal
“The defense’s ultimate goal for the season is to be the number one defense in the country.”

-On what it takes to become the number one defense in the country
“I help my teammates and build relationships with them. We workout together, we stay here during the summer, struggle together and feed off of each other.

-On off-day activities
“I like to chill and joke around with my teammates.”

-On how does the defense improve
“The defense will get better by staying focused, determined to accomplish our main goal – to win the national championship.”

Redshirt-Senior Wide Receiver DeVon Johnson
-On first practice
“Practice went well. We were a little slow after the conditioning test this morning, but mentally, we were prepared.”

-On summer preparations
 “This summer, I stayed up here. Usually I go home, but for my last year, I wanted to stay here to get in the best shape I can be in.”

-On 2018 goals
“To do everything I can to help this team win a championship.”

-On plans after TSU
“If I don’t go pro, I’ll go to nursing school or become a coach.”

-On off-field activities
“I tell jokes. I am the funniest person in Nashville. My protégé is LaQuarius Cook.”

-On what the team needs to do to get better
“Keep our composure. When something goes wrong and we face adversity, we don’t stick together as a team, and that will hurt us.”

Junior Cornerback Neiman Armstrong
-On first day
“The first day of camp went really well. The defense made some plays and shut the offense down. As a team we all looked really good. The conditioning test slowed us down, but we shake back and got right.”

-On highlight of practice
“I have to say our two turnovers. Our freshman, Josh (Green), caught a pick. One of our freshman linebackers (Jahsun Bryant) caught a pick. He ran down the sideline and caught a cramp.”

-On summer activities
“I stayed here over the summer break. I worked hard with my teammates. We built a bond, so that we can depend on each other, watch each other’s backs and put that work in.”

-On what the defense has to do to improve
“We have to stay focused. Our goal is to win the national championship – not the OVC Championship. We’re going to do that regardless. But, we have to stay focused so we can chase our goal and do what we have to do.”

-On individual improvement goals
“Come out here every day. Get better. Gain and maintain. Do anything to help my team so that we can be ready September 1st to play Bethune-Cookman.”