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Q&A with Terence Harris, II
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Q&A with Terence Harris, II

Name: Terence Harris II
Hometown: Nashville,TN
Position: Fullback (ATH)


Nickname: Groove

When did you start playing football?: 3rd Grade

Why did you choose TSU?: Hometown School

What’s a word or phrase that you say often? Wazzam? (what’s happening)

What can’t you live without? The sun

What is your pregame ritual? Lock in!

What pro player in your position, do you enjoy watching most?  Todd Gurley

What personal goal do you have for yourself this season? Conquer and Take Names

How do you get yourself out of a funk? Keep pushing

Dessert: Hot Peach Cobbler +Ice Cream
Color: Royal Blue
Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies & Cream
Superhero: Thundercat
Television show as a kid: Ed,EDD,&Eddy
Restaurant in Nashville: Bricktops
Breakfast food: Terence Toaster
Netflix series:Dave Chappelle Standups


5 Things people may or may not know about you

I make beats.

I do some landscaping on the side.

I’m an Uber.

I snowboard.

I can’t swim.