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Q&A with Ebenezer Ogundeko
Friday, September 1, 2017
Q&A with Ebenezer Ogundeko

Name:    Ebenezer Ogundeko
Hometown: Brooklyn,NY
Position: DE/OLB/TE

Nickname: GLORY EBO

When did you start playing football?: Age 9

Why did you choose TSU?: Because I felt it was the best choice for me.

What’s a word or phrase that you say often? God is good

What can’t you live without? My Mom

What is your pregame ritual? Saying a prayer, calling my mom & listen to music

What pro player in your position, do you enjoy watching most? Von Miller or Vic Beasley

What personal goal do you have for yourself this season? To be the best Defensive Player & Leader

How do you get yourself out of a funk? Listening to music, saying jokes.

Dessert: Fruit
Color: Blue or Black
Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies and Cream
Superhero: Wolverine
Television show as a kid: My Wife & Kids
Restaurant in Nashville: Jamaica Way
Breakfast food: Bacon Egg & Cheese Sandwich
Netflix series: Breaking Bad


5 Things people may or may not know about you

I’m Funny.

Pretty fun to hang around.

Will always tell the truth.

Help out as best as I can.  

Be disappointed to let you down.