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OVC Media Day Central
Monday, July 24, 2017
OVC Media Day Central


Quotes from TSU Tigers Chris Collins and Lane Clark about OVC Media Day.

Senior Linebacker, Chris Collins
- On the Media Day Experience
“It is a cool experience. I like the atmosphere. There are more cameras and interviews than what I thought it would be, but I have been enjoying the whole day and I am more relaxed than the beginning. It has been a great experience.”

- On Favorite Part of the Day
“I like the TV interviews, because it was the place with the most cameras and I have been waiting for moments like that, so it was probably my favorite. I have become more relaxed throughout the day. I could probably take interviews from anyone right now at this point.”

- On the Opportunity to Represent the Team
“It means a lot; I am very blessed and thankful for the opportunity to be picked. We have several players who could be here and do the same, if not better than what I did. It is a huge blessing for me and it is a memorable experience.”

- On the Experience if more of the Team Could be at Media Day
“It would probably be a little more fun. There would be more joking going on and more laughs. It would really take the pressure off of the questions, but with more of the team here it would be more interesting and a little more fun.”

- On what it would be like if Senior Joe Johnson were in Attendance
“There would not be one serious interview. No one could be serious if Joe were here, because everyone would be laughing and trying not to look at him. Everybody’s posture and demeanor would be messed up because of Joe.”

Senior Kicker, Lane Clark
- On the Experience of Media Day
“It is surreal. The environment is amazing. You see all of the other opposing teams, everybody is dressed formally. It is just a great environment to be in.”

- On the Opportunity to Represent the Team
“I really appreciate the opportunity. We have weapons across the board and I just want to be a part of the Calvary. I am really grateful to represent TSU.”

- On being the First Specialist to Attend OVC Media Day
“It is weird, for one specialist to be somewhere; you kind of need the other, so it is kind of weird being the only specialist here.”

- On Having the Other TSU Kickers at Media Day
“I am not sure what they would be doing, but I know what I would be doing, I would be looking for them and being sure they are not getting in trouble. Seriously, they would be having just as much as fun as we are having.”

- On the Belief the Team and Coach Reed has in him as a Kicker
“All their confidence in me gives me more confidence in myself. For the position I have, confidence is key. You have to take every kick like you are going to make it, and with my team and my coaching staff; all of them backing me up, thinking that I can make anything they need is reassuring and builds my confidence.”