Monday, March 19, 2007
NASHVILLE---After completing the medical program at Vanderbilt University, Tennessee State University graduate and former Tigerbelle Mercy Udoji received the news that she will be doing her residency at Duke University. Mercy Udoji came to Tennessee State University in 1999 and graduated in 2003 with a degree in Biology. She was a member of four Ohio Valley Conference Track and Field Championship teams at TSU- 2001 Indoor, 2002 Indoor & Outdoor, 2003 Indoor. Mercy Udoji found out where she'll complete her medical training at more or less the same moment as every other senior at every medical school in the country. Last Thursday, March 15, was Match Day, when, by tradition, seniors are matched with residency programs. This life changing event can help determine a student's future in medicine as well as their earning potential. Match Day is run by the National Resident Matching Program, a private, non-profit group that has matched medical schools graduates with residency programs since the 1950's. Traditionally, it lets schools begin telling their students where they're going at the same moment on the same day. Senior medical school students apply for residences then submit a ranked list of their preferred residency programs. Hospitals rank their preferred students. Using a special algorithm, the program matches students with their preferred programs. Some applicants, however, don't get a match.