Women's Basketball Concludes Successful Kids Camp
Thursday, June 20, 2019
Women's Basketball Concludes Successful Kids Camp
2019 Jessica Kern Foundation Kids Camp


NASHVILLE --- The Tennessee State University women’s basketball program concluded the inaugural Jessica Kern Foundation Kids Camp on Thursday afternoon in the Gentry Center.

“This was the first year of our kids camp,” said head coach Jessica Kern. “The turnout was phenomenal. Shout out to all the TSU faculty and staff that sent their sons or daughters to camp.”

The camp welcomed 30 young people from ages 6-12 to the Gentry Center for four days of fun, team-building, learning and competition.

The campers participated in a number of basketball drills to improve their overall basketball performance. They focused on many areas including ball handling, passing, shooting and free-throws.

At the conclusion of camp, awards were given out for leadership, hustle, shooting and congeniality. Each participant left with a gift bag.

“Next summer, if you’re looking for somewhere for your kids to go with great instruction, great people, a lot of love and a lot of activity, we ask that you send them here to Gentry Center. We’re so grateful for the community in which we serve and the turnout was phenomenal.”