OVC Media Day 2017
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
OVC Media Day 2017


TSU Women’s Basketball Coach Jessica Kern

“I think whenever you’re rebuilding a program, it’s not a shock. I think my counterparts know that we’re very talented, and I think we’re going to surprise some people. Matter of fact, I know we’re going to surprise some people. 12th is an ok place to be in - there’s no place to go but up.”

  • On being picked 12th in the OVC Preseason Poll


“I love our energy, and we’re getting a lot more consistent, which is great. The things that I haven’t seen though are combinations. What kinds of combinations are going to work for who? We can go big and we can go small, which is great. I think in this conference, we’ll be successful if we learn how to perfect both ways.”

  • On what she likes about her team


“Anytime I see a venue for the tournament, it puts those tingly feelings inside of you. Kids aspire to get to postseason, and so I think this is a great place. It’s a wonderful venue, and I look forward to being here at the conclusion of the season.”

  • On seeing the Ford Center for the first time