Get to Know Women's Basketball Assistant Coach Ronnie Enoch
Friday, September 22, 2017
Get to Know Women's Basketball Assistant Coach Ronnie Enoch

Name: Ronnie Enoch
Position: Assistant Coach

What do the players call you? Coach E

Where did you grow up? Burlington, NC

Why did you start coaching? When I was young, my coaches filled the place of my dad... so I wanted to give back!

What’s a word or phrase that you say often? PMA (Positive Mental Attitude )

What college coach/coaches do you admire? Quentin Hillsman-Syracuse, Ronald Hughey –Houston, Steve Joyner, Sr.- JCSU,  Vanessa Taylor- Coastal Carolina 

What are some of your hobbies? Going to concerts, playing pool, bowling and watching TV

Family:  Daughter Audrey, grand kids Jaiden and Amiya

Advice you were given when you started coaching that you still use today: Always be myself and not try to be anyone else!

Dessert: cheesecake 
Color: blue
Ice Cream Flavor: Butter Pecan
Restaurant in Nashville: Hard Rock
Breakfast food: boiled eggs
City to visit:  Cleveland, Ohio
Kind of Music: Gospel 
NFL Team: Cowboys
NBA Team: Chicago Bulls
WNBA Team: Sparks 


Five Fun Facts about yourself

Love to play spades

Like to cook

Love to share the word of God

Loving driving distance 

Won championships on High School and College level