OVC Basketball Media Day - Larry Joe Inman
Wednesday, October 26, 2016
OVC Basketball Media Day - Larry Joe Inman
Photo By Sam Jordan - TSU Athletics


Tennessee State women's basketball Head Coach Larry Joe Inman addressed the media at Ohio Valley Conference Media Day on Wednesday. 

Media: What excites you about this year’s team?

Larry Inman:
“I think our depth, our quickness. We’re quicker than we’ve been since I’ve been there. We’ve got pretty good depth I think to be competitive within the conference. We’re returning some good players, and we’ve got a good transfer that came in that was Preseason Player of the Year for Conference USA. We’ve got two all-conference players. One of them is an All-American in Jayda Johnson, so we’re pretty excited about what this year’s going to bring.”


Media: How underrated is the OVC?

Larry Inman: “In some regards, I think it’s very much underrated, but of course, I’ve been here, I’m like a fixture. The thing is, this year, it’s very competitive in that the top teams can play with some other conferences and I think they would fare well against some of the BCS-type conferences. They might end up middle of the pack or whatever. I don’t think they would necessarily win the championship, but I think they could be very competitive with some of the mid-range teams.”


Media: You mentioned having to have depth to get through this conference, is that the underrated thing?

Larry Inman:
“I think it is. I think the years that I’ve had success are when I’ve had a good bench. You couldn’t tell much difference from when we subbed and what we already had out there. If you want to be a successful coach, I think you have to have that. You’ve got to have depth. When somebody goes down, you have to have someone go in who can pick you up and you don’t lose a lot or you don’t drop off a lot. Consequently, I think that’s the thing I think we have better this year than we’ve had in a while.”