Softball's Hedrick to graduate in two years
Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Nashville --- Sophomore softball pitcher Megan Hedrick will graduate from Tennessee State University with a bachelor's degree after only two years.

Megan entered the dual enrollment program as a sophomore at Osceola High School in Kissimmee, Florida. This program allowed her to take college level classes as well as a few night classes at Valencia Junior college in order to work towards an associate's degree during her junior and senior years.

After a successful completion of this semester's requirements, Megan will be awarded a bachelors degree in political science. Megan, who is pre-law, also minored in psychology and is a member of TSU's Law Fraternity Phi Alpha Delta. 

"I feel like graduating in two years is an awesome feat," said Megan Hedrick.  "My parents are super proud because a lot of people, it takes them a while to get their four year degree and I'm getting it done in two, at the age of twenty. So I'm way ahead of the game."

Upon graduation, Megan will pursue a master's in business or public administration while completing her final two years of eligibility with the TSU softball program. After obtaining her master's, she is planning on attending law school.

"Megan is the epitome of the term "student-athletes;" she is an awesome example for other student-athletes to emulate," said Director of Academics Dr. Johnnie Smith. "I am so proud that I was able to meet Megan and assist her through completion of a bachelor's degree."

Megan was recently featured in a documentary highlighting her journey. To watch the documentary, created by Nichole Vincent and Jeremy Perry, click on the link at the top of the page.