Wednesday, August 22, 2007
COMPTON, Calif. ---Tennessee State University sophomore softball player Tamara Perkins helped lead her summer team to the National Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) Title. Perkins, a 2007 OVC All-Newcomer honoree, went 2-for-3 in the game with a double, a triple, four RBI's and three stolen bases. Her final blast of the day, a three-run, base-clearing triple, initiated the mercy rule. With her team up by eight runs, the contest was called after 5 1/3 innings of play. But it was her first at-bat that would telegraph the game to come. With one out and a runner on second in the bottom of the first, Perkins rocketed a pitch to deep left field that pushed a run across the plate. Not content with a mere two-bagger, Perkins rounded second base in search of three. Barreling down the base path, Perkins had her progress impeded by Santo Domingo shortstop Erika Perez, who stood frozen as her opponent inched ever closer. Perkins' solution? Don't stop. Run through Perez. And that she did, sending both herself and Perez spilling to the dirt, entwined in a mass of limbs and competitive angst. Still, she continued on her quest for third in spite of the collision, lifting herself from the ground and touching the desired bag just in time to beat an errant throw, which sailed off the glove of the third baseman allowing Perkins to score. Perkins' heroics put her team up 2-0 while providing Atlanta all the offense it would need. Perez would later knock in Santo Domingo's lone run in the fourth. "She's been super," Lee said of Perkins. "She's been red hot for the whole tournament on defense and offense. She knows she's aging out, and she wanted [the championship] just as bad as I want it." Perkins, a second-year member of the club, played her final game for Atlanta and will continue her softball career at Tennessee State in the fall. "It just all clicked for us," she said. "It just all went our way. We just stayed up and united as a front, and it happened that we won. "We're so close. We're like family. We just wanted to go all out because this is probably our last game together as a unit, so you just go all out for your family and that's what happened." Courtesy MLB.com