Student-Athletes Achieve 3.02 Overall Department GPA
Tuesday, December 24, 2019
Student-Athletes Achieve 3.02 Overall Department GPA

NASHVILLE --- The Tennessee State athletics department reported an overall fall semester grade point average of 3.018. 

"For our athletic department to have an overall GPA over 3.0 it is a testament to the commitment our students make to academics," said Jeremy Perry, Assistant AD for Academic Services. "It's not easy sacrificing during the journey, but the reward of being able to boast about solid grades makes it all worth it."

A total of 109 student-athletes finished the semester with honors, earning a 3.0 GPA or better. The sophomores beat out all other classifications with a 3.139 GPA. 

Teams are separated by number of athletes, larger sports consisting of 10 or more players, while smaller sports include less than 10, and compete head to head for the highest GPA. The fall semester winners are listed below. 

Male Large Sports: Men's Basketball
Female Large Sports: Volleyball
Male Small Sports: Men's Tennis
Female Small Sports: Women's Golf