TSU Student-Athletes Thrive in the Classroom
Wednesday, June 1, 2016
TSU Student-Athletes Thrive in the Classroom
Photo By Sam Jordan - TSU Athletics

NASHVILLE --- The hard work of the Tennessee State University student-athletes, academic services, coaches and administration paid off as the athletic department enjoyed another successful academic year in the classroom with an overall department grade point average of 3.0 for the spring semester.

A total of 142 TSU student-athletes qualified for the Honor Roll for the 2016 spring semester. Coupled with the department’s 2.9 GPA from the fall semester, and a 3.0 GPA for the spring semester - it is the best academic year for TSU in 11 years.

This spring, the women’s tennis team finished with the highest GPA in the department, notching an impressive 3.7. The team finished top overall and first in the Small Sports Category. TSU’s women’s golf team had the second-best GPA (3.5) among Small Female Sports for the spring, while men’s golf and men’s tennis both compiled 3.5 GPAs to finish atop the Small Male Sports Category.

Among Large Female Sports, the softball and volleyball teams tied for first place with identical 3.3 GPAs, while women’s basketball and women’s track and field tied with a 2.9 GPA. On the men’s side, the basketball team was first in Large Male Sports with a 3.0 spring GPA, followed by men’s track and field at 2.8 and football at 2.7.

Freshmen in the athletic department posted a 3.1 GPA for the semester.  First-year students from the men’s golf team compiled a 3.7 GPA, while women’s tennis (3.6), softball (3.6), men’s tennis (3.3), men’s basketball (3.2), volleyball (3.1), football (3.0) and women’s golf (3.0) all finished with a 3.0 or better.

Category 1:  Small Male & Female Sport Results

1st - Men’s Golf & Men’s Tennis:   3.5 (tie)

1st -Women’s Tennis:  3.7
2nd - Women’s Golf:  3.5

Category 2:  Large Male & Female Sport Results
1st - Men’s Basketball:  3.0
2nd - Men’s Track:  2.8
3rd - Football:  2.7

1st - Softball & Volleyball: 3.3 (tie)
2nd – Women’s Basketball & Women’s Track:  2.9 (tie)

Freshmen Overall Results
Men's Basketball: 3.2; Women's Basketball: 2.7; Football: 3.0; Men's Golf: 3.7; Women's Golf: 3.0; Softball: 3.6; Men's Tennis: 3.3; Women's Tennis: 3.6; Men's Track & Field: 2.6; Women's Track & Field: 2.9; Volleyball: 3.1;

Honor Roll: 142

Department Overall Team GPA:  3.0