Student-Athletes Participate in Business Etiquette Training
Thursday, September 17, 2015
Student-Athletes Participate in Business Etiquette Training

NASHVILLE --- The Tennessee State University department of athletics, in collaboration with the Women’s Center, hosted Interactive Business Etiquette Dining Sessions for the student-athletes this week.

Denise Marcia, president of the personal development company essentials! visited campus and facilitated the nightly etiquette sessions.

The training, which took place over a span of three days, focused on the importance of people skills, the proper way to address others, how to effectively execute a handshake and behavior in certain settings.

The night also included lessons on navigating the place setting, correct napkin usage, handling utensils, cutting food and passing items. The etiquette coach also educated the group on the different dining methods, table conversation, effective menu selection, dining faux pas and how they translate in business.

The student-athletes dressed in business casual attire and formal servers were on hand to create a real life dining experience. 

Representatives from each of TSU’s sports programs as well as members of the cheer squad and Tiger Team attended the sessions each night from Tuesday-Thursday.

The sessions, which lasted two hours, took place in the Floyd Payne Campus Center Faculty Dining Hall.

These type of events are extremely important to student-athlete personal development,” commented Senior Woman Administrator Valencia Jordan. “As administrators we have to ensure that, outside of the athletic experience, we are creating opportunities to develop our student athletes as individuals. This is going to be a lesson that they will remember and an experience that will be valued for a lifetime.”

The essentials! Personal Development Company is an etiquette coaching program that assists in building confidence and poise by emphasizing easy-to-learn skills and nuances that make all the difference in professional and social situations.

Denise Marcia has more than 25 years in the hospitality, corporate, and entertainment industries. She stresses the advantage that social skills have in achieving and exceling at professional goals.