Tiger Feature: TSU Strength Coach Wins First Place in Powerlifting Competition
Monday, January 26, 2009

Nashville, Tenn. - TSU Athletics Assistant Director of Speed, Strength and Conditioning Bryan Jovick captured two first place awards at the Southern Powerlifting Federation Cookeville Classic on Jan. 17.

The competition hosted seven divisions, from teenagers to masters, with seperate weight classes for each, ranging from 97 lbs to super heavyweight. Competitors have the option to compete in several events including the equipped or raw, push/pull, bench, deadlift, bench reps, or strict curls. The winner is selected from each weight class by adding up the combined weight for the lifts.

Jovick competed in the super heavyweight class winning both the push/pull competition with a bench press of 380lbs and the deadlift of 500lbs combining for 880lbs. Immediately after a personal max of 380lbs, Jovick performed six repitions of 330lbs bench pressing for max reps.

“I’ve pulled 535lbs deadlifting in training about 2 weeks ago, but my back was tight and I had already won my weight class deadlifting 500lbs, so I backed off after that pull," explained Jovick, I am satisfied with the win, but I will have to prepare better for larger meets where competition drives in from surrounding states.  There is always room for improvement and the best powerlifters are actually in their 30’s.  I’m still a baby in the sport.”

Jovick has worked worked with TSU athletics since 2004 and is istrumental in improving the physical performance of student-athletes. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) and a certified sport performance coach through USA Weightlifting. In addition, he is certified by the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCA).

"I want athletes to know that the movenments learnes in our program provide a solid base for powerlifting," said Jovick. "The weight room provides a lifetime of sport competition which can feed a desire to compete.