Tiger Feature: SAAC Making a Difference in the Community
Friday, December 12, 2008

Nashville --- The Student Athlete Advisory Committee at Tennessee State University successfully held its fifth annual canned food drive. The items collected were donated to the Samaritan Ministries.


The drive, spearheaded by the SAAC committee, delivered well over 600 items to the Samaritan Ministries, a charitable agency located two blocks from the TSU campus. Some of the items that were donated included canned and boxed foods such as canned vegetables, rice, spaghetti sauce, tea and sugar. 


“Our client base has increased and donations have decreased,” commented Mrs. Alexine Hamby, Executive Director of Samaritan Ministries. “When they came today, our shelves were low; they came in the nick of time”


The SAAC committee collected donations over a span of nearly two-weeks, specifically at three of the home basketball games in the Gentry Center. They received support from TSU fans, students, faculty, administrators and student-athletes.


“The Athletic Department has been our friend over the years” added Mrs. Hamby “They meet a necessary need and we salute them for the contributions they continue to make to Samaritan Ministries”


Members of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee are planning to return to the Samaritan Ministries to help serve.


“We’ve done a little bit of what can be done on a larger scale, “said SWA and SAAC Advisor Valencia Jordan. “Unless you’ve been hungry, you really don’t think about it. Most of us are in a position to help someone else and we need to keep that our focus.”


“If each individual will do their part, then we will all be better off”