NCAA Visits TSU to Conduct Review
Monday, October 27, 2008

The NCAA peer review team will visit the campus of Tennessee State University, November 4-6, to conduct a follow up of a self-study prepared by the university's Governance and Rules Compliance Committee, Equity, Race and Gender Issues Committee, and the Academic Integrity Committee.

The last time TSU conducted a self-study and was evaluated by the peer review team was in 1998. Every ten years Division I member institutions must perform a self-study which is critical for athletic certification.

“We are excited about our progress and are hoping for great input from the peer review team as we move towards the future in the development of our athletic department,” said Director of Athletics Teresa Lawrence-Phillips.

As a NCAA Division I affiliate, TSU is required to conduct a study to ensure the university’s athletic department is complying and operating within NCAA guidelines. According to the NCAA Handbook, benefits of the self-study include a department’s self-awareness of detrimental issues, affirmation and opportunities to improve.

The self-study also allows TSU to display that it is committed to intercollegiate athletics within an academic setting.

The NCAA uses the self-study to ensure that member institutions are meeting the operating principles adopted by the membership.

After the university completes its self study, the NCAA peer review team visits the campus to perform an evaluation and follow-up. After their site visit, the peer review team will provide a report to the NCAA Committee on Athletics Certification (CAC).

During the second cycle, institutions are asked to report opportunities that were provided to individuals in the campus community reported in the study.

The NCAA CAC members are all employed at Division I institutions and include presidents, athletic administration, faculty advisors, and chancellors. The committee is in charge of determining the certification status for each Division I member institution.

“The university community and the athletics department are looking forward to the upcoming visit of the NCAA peer review team to our campus. The steering committee and sub-committee chairs have worked diligently over the last year evaluating our program, and many positive discoveries have been made,” said Lawrence-Phillips.