Constitution and Bylaws
Friday, September 26, 2008







The name of the organization shall be The Tennessee State University Athletics
Association (hereinafter referred to as TSUAA).


A. The purpose and objective of the TSUAA is to provide community assistance and
financial support for Tennessee State University’s Athletic Programs. An
Advisory Board for the TSUAA will be established to assist with the achievement
of the TSUAA’s objectives.

B. The means of attaining the objective shall be:

1 . To utilize perquisites that only the Department of Athletics can offer to benefit contributors to the TSUAA. Such benefits may include, but are not limited to, the option to purchase priority season tickets and purchase priority parking privileges.

2. For the Department of Athletics to obtain the assistance of the TSUAA Advisory Board in the recruitment of new members for the TSUAA.

3. To meet regularly with Tennessee State University Foundation and Department of Athletics officials to seek ways to build a cooperative and coordinated effort for Athletic fundraising endeavors.


A. All funds donated to the TSUAA shall be channeled through the Department of Athletics. The Department of Athletics will manage the funds and control how such funds are allocated within the Department as a part of the regular budget process controlled by the Director of Athletics and approved by the University’s President.

B. All funds shall go to the Department of Athletics’ fund-raising account.

C. Expenditures of funds will follow standard Tennessee State University policies and procedures.

D. If corporate members want to join the TSUAA by providing in-kind services, which may include, but are not limited to  athletic equipment, loaner automobiles, computers, and catering, then these contributions shall be approved in advance by the Athletics Director and when appropriate, the Director of the Tennessee State University Foundation.


A. The Officers shall be as follows:
1 . TSUAA Board Chair
 2. TSUAA Vice Chair
 3. TSUAA Secretary
 4. TSUAA Treasurer
 5. TSUAA Benefit Chair

B. The Officers’ Duties:
1 . The TSUAA Board Chair shall:
a. Select the date, time and place for meetings.
b. Conduct the order of business at meetings.

2. The TSUAA Vice Board Chair shall:
a. Assist the Board chair with planning for the meeting.
b. Conduct the meetings in the absence of the chair.

3.  The TSUAA Secretary shall:
a. Send out notices of each meeting.
b. Keep a record of all Board members.
c. Keep minutes of all meetings.

4. The TSUAA Treasurer shall:
a. Maintain permanent records with detailed account of all money received and disbursed.
b. Maintain records of contributors.
c. Give a report at each meeting. The report should be a summary of collections and expenditures.

5. The TSUAA Benefit Chair shall:
a.   Review all TSUAA benefits and work with the Advisory Board to    
      adjust and recommend benefits to help attract members.

The initial Advisory Board will be assigned by the Athletics Director with the approval of the Tennessee State University President. Hereafter, a vote of the membership in June of each calendar year will dictate the officers of the Advisory Board.


The membership of the TSUAA will consist of all persons making the minimum annual contribution as established by the Department of Athletics. Each member agrees to be bound by the policies and rules of Tennessee State University, the Department of Athletics and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.



TSUAA Board Chair     (Date)

TSUAA Vice Chair     (Date)

TSUAA Secretary     (Date)

TSUAA Treasurer     (Date)

TSUAA Benefit Chair     (Date)