Tailgating Frequently Asked Question
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tailgating Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much space will I have to tailgate?

A: We will offer a 10' X 10' space in the grassy area to tailgate, which is equivalent to 2 parking spaces.  In addition to your space to tailgate, each tailgate pass purchased will also include 1 parking pass for your vehicle.  If you plan on having a large tailgate party, you may need to purchase more than 1 space.

Q: How much will it cost?

A:  $350.00 (Includes 1 parking pass and 10 game tickets)           

Q:  Where is the Tiger Town Tailgate Zone going to be located?

A:  Tiger Town will be located in the grassy area in parking lot R.  It will be on the south end of the stadium near the pedestrian street bridge.

Q:  Which games will the Tiger Town Tailgate area be open for?

A:  The John Merritt Classic.

Q:  How do I reserve tailgate space in Tiger Town?

A:  Please call the TSU Athletic Ticket office at (615) 963-5841 to reserve your space.  All purchases must be made at least a week prior to each game.  Tailgate spaces will not be sold during the week of that event.

Q:  What time will the tailgate zone open and close?

A:  The tailgate zone will open at 9AM and will close at 12:00 midnight.  The other lots open at 12:00 noon.

Q:  Can RV's and buses park and tailgate in Tiger Town?

A:  Yes. All RV and bus parking will be in Tiger Town. Trailor space will be an additional $50.

Q: If I plan on bringing a bus or RV, what time should I arrive?

A: RV's and buses should arrive between 8am and 12 noon so we can have all of our large vehicles situated early in the afternoon. Upon arrival check-in at the staging/holding area which will be located in Lot N. You must check-in prior to going to Lot R.

Q:  Will I receive a special pass to gain entrance into Tiger Town?

A:  Yes.  You will receive a tailgate pass, which will allow you set up your tailgate in Tiger Town. 

Q: I am a season ticket holder and I already bought a season parking pass, do I need to pay $350.00 to tailgate in Tiger Town all season, which includes parking passes?

A: The short answer is no.  Part of the tailgate package includes parking passes.  If you have already purchased season parking and wish to tailgate, you can tailgate in your current season parking lot in the grassy area behind your vehicle. 

If you wish to be located in LOT R yes, you will need to pay an additional $200 to do so. 

Q:  Why should I pay to tailgate?

A: Tiger Town will give tailgaters more space to setup and enable them to have larger tailgate parties without the worries of car traffic and space. 

Q:  I have been tailgating for years, do I need to move to the Tiger Town in order to tailgate?

A:  Yes. We encourage fans that plan on having a tent, tables and music to participate in the tailgate area. It will give you more space to tailgate and will enhance the game day atmosphere.  However, for our fans who only plan on doing something small without a tent, large tables and speakers, they can tailgate within grassy area behind their vehicle at no additional charge.   No grills, chairs, or tables of any kind will be allowed in a parking space, you must use the grassy area behind your car.


Q:  Why should I move my tailgate party to Tiger Town this year?

A:  There are several reasons Tiger Town was created and your participation is critical.  One reason is that it will enhance the game-day atmosphere and give fans a central place to gather before and after the game. Secondly, many of our supporters purchase season parking passes and are unable to find parking spaces in the areas they have paid for because of overcrowding. Tiger Town will open earlier than other parking lots. Finally, it will reduce the costs of cleanup because tailgating will be in one central location.

Q:  I don't have a tent, how can I get one?

A:  Unfortunately we do not offer tents or any other supplies.  Classic Party Rental is a local company that can provide that service.  They can be reached at (615) 641-1111.