Mission Statement
Friday, April 4, 2008



The Department of Athletics at Tennessee State University was established, and exists today, in order to provide an opportunity for student-athletes to participate in a broad-based program of intercollegiate athletics, which is inextricably linked to the academic mission of the university. The Department will operate in a manner consistent with the ideas and purposes of the university, NCAA and conference in its pursuit of educational excellence and in the mental, physical, and ethical development of the student-athlete.

The mission of the Department is to offer wide-ranging programs of both curricular and extra curricular activities, which will accommodate the needs, and the interests of the students.  Student-athletes will be given the opportunity to participate in athletic and recreational programs while achieving academic success through rigorous degree-completion programs. All of the Department’s activities will reflect a commitment to the academic integrity and the fiscal integrity of the university, as well as the general welfare of student-athletes, both today and in his or her future.

Likewise, the program will operate within a framework that recognizes the university’s commitment to the NCAA’s principles of fair play and exciting amateur athletic competition.  The program will, therefore, operate within the rules, regulations, principles and policies of the NCAA, the conference and the requirements of federal and state funding entities.  Moreover, the Department will generate sufficient income to meet the needs of the university.

The TSU Athletic Department will have a continuous and compelling linkage to the educational mission of the university. All programs of the Department will be conducted with a commitment to the policies, general mission, and internal controls of the university as well as a commitment to gender and racial equity. In addition, the Department recognizes its mandate to provide first-rate athletic competition for the thousands of students, alumni and other Tennesseans who support the intercollegiate athletic programs of TSU with their attendance at events, their enthusiasm, and their financial support.