Friday, May 7, 2004
NASHVILLE --- The first Iron Tigers Lift-A-Thon at Tennessee State University concluded with several Tiger athletes posting impressive lifts during the competition. The event served as a fund raiser for the TSU student-athletes. Athletes garnered pledges from family, friends, and TSU faculty and staff. "The Lift-A-Thon was a success and we were very pleased with its outcome and the support of the athletes and staff," said event coordinator Jake Cabell. "Overall, it was great for student-athletes to interact with student-athletes from other sports and those athletes were able to compare themselves with other athletes." Athletes competed in three categories, the bench press, squat and power clean. The male bi skill honor went to Damien Pitts who had a combined 1,240 pounds for all three lifts. The small skill honor went to teammate Jarrett Morrow for 1125 pounds. Lady Tiger volleyball player Catherine Armwood had 592 pounds for all three lifts. Football player Daniel Williams name will be posted with past student-athletes dating back to 1996 for his lifts in the power clean (401 pounds) and squat (523 pounds). Track athlete David Latten had a squat of 599 in the male small skill and 353 pounds in the bench press. Male Big Skill Bench Barion Jones 387 pounds Squat Daniel Jones 523 pounds Power Clean Daniel Williams 401 pounds Male Small Skill Bench David Latten 353 pounds Squat David Latten 599 pounds Power Clean Ahmaad Smith 377 pounds Female Skill Bench Markiece Harris Catherine Armwood 151 pounds Squat Catherine Armwood 257 pounds Power Clean Catherine Armwood 184 pounds Total Male Big Skill Damien Pitts 1240 pounds Male Small Skill Jarrett Morrow 1125 pounds Female Skill Catherine Armwood 592 pounds