Samson Oyediran Reflects on NCAA Career in Sports Forum
Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Samson Oyediran Reflects on NCAA Career in Sports Forum

NASHVILLE --- Tennessee State men’s basketball junior Samson Oyediran (London, England) recently attended the NCAA’s Career in Sports Forum in Indianapolis, Ind. on June 1-4. The forum helped the 200 student-athletes in attendance to network and learn the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of working professionals in college athletics.

Oyediran got the opportunity to attend the forum after winning the Accelerating Academic Success Program (AASP) Career Development Award. Later in the summer, he will also attend the AASP Conference on July 27-28 in New Orleans. caught up with Oyediran about his experience at the NCAA Career in Sports Forum. What were some of your overall impressions of what you took away from the Career in Sports Forum?

Samson Oyediran: “I learned a lot as far as building your own personal brand and how as a student-athlete, you’re on a platform. As far as building your resume, it’s hard to do while still being a consistent student-athlete. They gave us different skills to know what type of person I am and how I can interact with others as far as leading and that really helped me.” 

TSU: What does it mean for you to have this experience?

SO: “It was a blessing. I didn’t really know what to expect, so I kind of went into it with an open mind and I learned a lot. I was just really excited to be given the opportunity to do so.”

TSU: What were the days like at the Forum?

SO: “We would get up and meet at 8:15 a.m. and have opening remarks from the Bowie State AD (Clyde Doughty Jr.), who is a funny guy. Then we would transition to hear different speakers. Some would give opening remarks and others we would split into groups. We just interacted with different student-athletes and professionals in their field.”

TSU: Who were some of the guest speakers that you heard?
SO: “The first one that comes to mind is Oliver Luck, the father of (Indianapolis Colts quarterback) Andrew Luck. He works within the NCAA dealing with compliance and the legal side. He spoke about his story and career path. We heard from academic advisors from the University of Illinois about building your own personal brand, and we spoke with Felicia Martin (Vice President of the NCAA Eligibility Center).

TSU: What was your favorite session?
SO: “I think my favorite session was the one about the DISC assessment (personality test). I wouldn’t say it labeled us, but it kind of spoke about the kind of person you are and your personality. We talked about how we can interact with others and it broke it down to the point where you say, ‘wow, that is pretty similar to what I do.’ It gave you an idea of how to work with people with different personalities and how you can all compromise. When it comes to being on a team, that’s extremely helpful.”

TSU: What was it like interacting with other student-athletes at the forum?
SO: “It was great. It wasn’t just Division I athletes. There were some Division II and a majority of them where Division III athletes. It gave you an insight into all of the different divisions and how they differ. A lot of the Division III athletes and administrators knew each other. For the coaches and administrators, they have multiple jobs as opposed to one specific role. I met a lot of really nice people. We kind of blended our experiences to find similarities and differences, and it was just really good overall.”

TSU: How will this help you prepare for the Accelerating Academic Success Program Conference on July 27-28?
SO: “I’m excited for the next one. I’ll be a little more comfortable with how it works, so that will help. Honestly, I’m going in with an open mind, and I’m ready to learn.”