100 Moments: "The One-Armed Wonder"
Friday, August 17, 2012

The 100 Moments of TSU Athletics presented by Taco Bell® series continues by remembering a player who overcame great adversity to become a star.

Boid Buie joined the Tennessee State basketball team just like the other freshman in 1943. He practiced with the team every day, became a starter and eventually became one of the best players on the team. However, Buie did not look like any other basketball player. Buie only had one arm.

When Buie was 13 years old he lost his left arm in a car accident. After that, he had to re-learn how to balance himself while doing something as simple as walking down the street. It is truly amazing that Buie even lived a normal life, but considering that he was not a good athlete before the accident makes Buie's athletic accomplishments even more incredible.

During high school, Buie's team improved every season he played there until his senior season when the team went all the way to the Ark. State Championship.

Coaches and fans fawned over Buie's fundamentals and silky-smooth jump shot once he came to TSU. While in college, Buie did what he did wherever he played: win. He even helped TSU win the Black National Championship in 1946 with a win over Langston. Prior to that game, Langston had not lost a game in three seasons.

After Buie graduated with letters in both basketball and tennis, he signed with the Harlem Globetrotters. He traveled the world following WWII and averaged 18 points per game during his Globetrotter's career.

After his playing career was over in 1960, Buie bought his own basketball team- the Harlem Stars. The team was similar to the Globetrotters- traveling the world and entertaining fans with circus-like performances.

The Tennessee House of Representatives honored Buie with House Resolution No. 96 in the state legislature.

In 1983, Buie was inducted into the TSU Athletics Hall of Fame.

The 100 Moments of TSU Athletics presented by Taco Bell® highlights some of the greatest moments in honor of Tennessee State's centennial celebration. A new moment will be released each weekday for a total of 100. These moments were chosen by the TSU 100 Moments committee, which consists of alums from various departments. TSU has so many great moments, not all can be represented in these 100.

Sports Information Assistant Alex Mitchell contributed to this article.

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