Tigers Camp 2019: Day 5
Monday, August 5, 2019
Tigers Camp 2019: Day 5



 Tue., Aug. 6    Practice (Full)    4:00-6:30 p.m.    Top Practice Field 
 Wed., Aug. 7    Practice (Full)  4:00-6:30 p.m.   Top Practice Field 
 Thr., Aug 8    Practice (Full)   4:00-6:30 p.m.   Top Practice Field 
 Fri., Aug. 9    Practice (Full)   9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.   Top Practice Field 
 Sat., Aug. 10    Scrimmage   9:15-11:15 a.m.    Hale Stadium 


Redshirt Junior Quarterback Demry Croft
- On who impressed him today
"I would say the whole O-Line impressed me today. They worked hard. It was hot. The defense brought pressure and we held it down."

- On what he’s working on throughout camp
"I’m working on being a leader and hitting the guys in the chest. Moving the ball forward."

- On funniest person on the team
"The funniest person is Gump (Jaalon Gupton). It's nothing that he does. It's just him."

- On living in the dorms with your teammates
"It’s an experience. I like it for camp purposes. You’re with everyone so you can have fun."

Senior Offensive Lineman Lachavious Simmons
- On who impressed him today
“I feel like the young guys impressed me today. They were picking up the assignments, they’re locked in and in tune to what we have going on and they’re coming along well.”

- On what he’s working on throughout camp
“I’m working on being a leader, working on my technique, trying to perfect my craft, be the best player I can be and stay away from complacency.”

- On living in the dorm with your teammates
“There’s more competition in the dorms. There’s more trash talking. In our free time if we’re not studying our playbook, then we’re competing on 2k. The quarterbacks beat the defense yesterday in 2k, and were hollering in the hall. It’s good for team bonding."

- On favorite camp meal so far
“The BBQ with Mr. Fred Lee. We really appreciate all of the supporters who come and cater for us. We really appreciate you all.”

Senior Defensive Back Ronnie Killings
- On coming back as a Senior
"It feels real good. Ive been excited all off season, coming back for my final season."
- Most improved player of camp (one offense, one defense)
"Offense, I would say Jatavious Harris. He's been catching some real good passes so far this camp. He's been doing some good things out there at wideout. I like how he's been producing. Defense, I have to say Kimbo (Justin Culpepper". He's been making real good plays down there in the line. He's been a leader of the defensive line down in the trenches, and as a senior thats what he's supposed to be doing. 
- Improvements he has seen since camp started
"Guys coming together. People are coming together more and more every day. That's on the field. That's off the field. We're really becoming a family this year. That's what it takes to be great."
Senior Defensive Tackle Justin 'Kimbo' Culpepper
- On coming back as a Senior
"I feel really good. I've matured a lot since freshman year. I've built good confidence. And I believe I'm ready to go this year."
- On how practice has gone so far
"Practice was very intense. But, at the end of the day you have to ask yourself, 'did you go 100% or did you go a little extra, 110%?' I believe we're at 90%, but we can get up to 100%."
- Most improved player of camp (one offense, one defense)
"Our quarterback, Demry, he's been doing good lately. Making consistent throws, taking a check down the line. He's matured a lot since last year. On defense, our middle Linebacker, Jahsun Bryant. He's taking on a role this year. He's been in the film room and doing very good."

- On his nickname 'Kimbo'
"My hometown in Florida and you know the famous Kimob Slice, they say I look like him when I came up here. Fell in love with it."