Tiger Camp 2017: Day 20 - Cornerbacks
Monday, August 14, 2017
Tiger Camp 2017: Day 20 - Cornerbacks


--- The Tennessee State defensive backfield will come into the 2017 season looking for a replacement to All-American cornerback Ezra Robinson. After his final season with the Tigers, Robinson went on to sign as a free-agent with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The departure of Robinson leaves the corners in the hands of Terrell Bonds. The senior will take charge of a young group of corners in his final campaign at TSU. Bonds led the defense in pass breakups (9) a year ago and had 12 pass deflections with three interceptions; both second only to Robinson. Bonds finished the season with 30 tackles with a sack and a fumble recovery.

Sophomores and Larry Wilhoite (33 tackles) and Dajour Nesbeth (14 tackles) both gained plenty of experience playing as true freshmen. Wilhoite spent his team last year as a safety, but will move to corner for his sophomore season. Nesbeth has stepped up hoping to replace Robinson opposite of Bonds.

The Tigers will look to junior college transfer Neiman Armstrong to provide experienced depth to the corners position. Armstrong will be joined in the battle for playing time by freshmen Elijah Walton and Ahmed Richardson.

 CORNERBACKS  HT   WT   YR   Gms Played   Tackles   Pass BrUp   INT 
 Terrell Bonds  5-9    176   Sr. 32  76   17   6 
 Larry Wilhoite    6-0     185     So.   9  33   1   1 
 Dajour Nesbeth   6-1     187     So.   9  14   1   0 
 Neiman Armstrong    6-1     185    So.   Cisco College  -- -- --
 Elijah Walton  5-11 180 Fr. -- -- -- --
 Ahmed Richardson 5-11 180 Fr. -- -- -- --

Sophomore Cornerback Dajour Nesbeth
- On the areas of focus for the cornerbacks
“We’re just trying to make sure we stay top shoulder and limit the deep balls. We can’t give up big plays, and we have to be technique-sound.”

- On where the cornerbacks have improved throughout camp
“We’ve gotten better at a lot of our passing off of coverages to the safeties. We are staying in our zones and not trying to go in somebody else’s zone to make a play when there’s a receiver coming back to your zone.”

- On learning from senior Terrell Bonds
“He’s been here for a long time. He’s got a lot of experience, so there’s a lot of learning points and coaching points he gives me that helps me improve every day.”

Sophomore Cornerback Neiman Armstrong
- On the main areas of focus
“We’ve been working on our coverage’s and making sure we’re good with our eyes. We’ve been focusing on staying top shoulder.”

- On what he’s looking forward to this season
“Showing everybody that we’re the best cornerbacks in the country.”

Freshman Cornerback Elijah Walton
- On camp
“Camp’s been pretty nice. There’s been some ups and downs, but you take the good with the good and the bad with the bad.”

- On the progression of the cornerbacks during camp
“Throughout camp, we’ve been getting more physical and getting better with our eyes. I think our footwork has improved also.”

- On what he’s looking forward to this season
“This season I’m looking forward to us competing hard, getting better as a defense and for us to win games.”

Freshman Cornerback Ahmed Richardson
- On the progress of camp
“Camp’s been going great. Working with these guys, we’re really coming together. This experience, I’ve never had anything like this. I’ve never put in this much work to help out each other and everything.”

- On where the cornerbacks have improved
“I think getting our technique down. Terrell Bonds has really been helping us with that. He’s a real technician.”