Tiger Camp 2017: Day 17 - Defensive Line
Friday, August 11, 2017
Tiger Camp 2017: Day 17 - Defensive Line


--- The Tennessee State defensive line boasts seven returners who played in seven games or more in 2016. Due to injuries, it was all-hands on deck for the front line allowing a young group to receive plenty of playing time and experience.

Terrence Summers led the guys up front in tackles with 22, while recording 2.5 tackles for loss. Jason Morrow joins Summers as the elder statesmen to lead a line which includes four juniors, three sophomores and five freshmen. Morrow finished his junior campaign with three sacks, six tackles for loss and 16 tackles.

Dell Porter (three sacks) and Marvin Maddox (two quarterback hurries) will be joined by junior college transfer LaRonzo Davis to provide pressure. Clogging up the middle will be a pair of talented sophomores in Justin Culpepper (12 tackles) and Michael Perry III (three tackles). Wisconsin transfer Jeremy Patterson (6-3, 350) will add to the depth on the front line.

A trio of Tiger redshirts, Jerquez Hughey, Khalil Jones and Myles Chalmers will battle for time on the field. Joining in the mix will be freshmen J.C. Goins III, Adrian Sims and Bradford Beard.

 DEFENSIVE LINE  HT   WT   YR   Gms Played   Tackles   Solos   TFL 
 Jason Morrow   6-2    285   R-Sr. 26  31   15   10.0 
 Terrence Summers    6-2     310     R-Sr.   11  22   7   2.5 
 Marvin Maddox   6-3     245     R-Jr.   20  11   5   1.0 
 Dell Porter   6-1     250    R-Jr.  17 28 15 5.0
 Justin Culpepper  6-1 275 So. 11 12 7 1.0
 Michael Perry 6-1 315 So. 7 3 1 0.0
 Jeremy Patterson  6-3 350 R-Jr.  Wisconsin - 4  -- --  -- 
 LaRonzo Davis  6-5 220 R-Jr.  LA Valley College  -- --  -- 
 Jerquez Hughey 6-4 275 R-Fr. -- -- -- --
 Khalil Jones 6-0 300 R-Fr. -- -- -- --
 Myles Chalmers 6-1 320 R-So. -- -- -- --
 J.C. Goins III 6-0 310 Fr. -- -- -- --
 Adrian Sims 6-0 300 Fr. -- -- -- --
 Bradford Beard 6-1 280 Fr. -- -- -- --

Junior Defensive Tackle Jeremy Patterson

- On how camp is going and what he looks forward to with the Tigers
“Camp is going pretty well. I could do some things better, but overall it is pretty good. I just hope to get all my plays right in the scrimmage tomorrow. I want to have a good season and give us a chance to be OVC champs.”

Freshman Defensive Tackle J.C. Goins III
- On adjustments to camp
“Camp is going well. It was a big difference, adjusting from the high school game. But I believe I have built into it and crafted my way into the level. The speed is a big difference. But I have been able to adjust to the playbook. I have am used to studying hard, but the speed is just something you have to be ready to make the adjustments.”

- On the upcoming scrimmage
“The young are going to get a lot of reps, so I am getting mentally prepared to be ready. I also need to get in for treatment to have my body right for tomorrow.”

Freshman Defensive Tackle Adrian Sims
- On first camp with TSU
“It was really hot. I am from Atlanta, so I am not used to the heat and humidity up here. I just had to fight through it and it turned out to be pretty good. I have learned new techniques and new people. It has been great.”

- On being at TSU
“It is a blessing. I love it here, because it feels like home. When I first got here, it immediately felt like my second home. The people are great and everything is perfect.”

- On the upperclassmen
“The other guys have taught me a lot, especially on me technique, the plays and how to just fly around and be aggressive. They have been great and a big help to me.”

Sophomore Defensive Lineman Justin Culpepper
- On difference between last year’s camp and this season
“Last year was more of a slower tempo because we had two-a-days. This year, it is different to have the so much time throughout the day. But when you have that one practice, it is time to put in the work.”

- On the lines mentality
“It first starts with the discipline. Everybody is locked in and ready to go. We are all fighting to win a championship this year.”

- On the front line
“Last year we had a young squad coming into the season and this year we only have two seniors up front. But in that time we have developed a good chemistry and we hope to bring that unity to the field.”

- On upcoming scrimmage after last week’s success
“We have to minimize our errors from last week’s scrimmage. We just have to dominate the day. We just have to come off the ball, fly around and less errors. Dominate the day."