TSU Football Shoots Video on "Why Music Matters"
Friday, October 4, 2013
TSU Football Shoots Video on

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – On Friday, Tennessee State football coach Rod Reed, quarterback Ronald Butler and linebacker Nick Thrasher traveled to the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau to shoot a video about “Why Music Matters”.

The video will be used in promotions encouraging youth to be involved in musical endeavors at an early age, as well as gain support for the new African-American Musical Museum opening in Nashville at a future date.

Reed stated that listening to music has shaped how he views the world and the TSU student-athletes said that hearing a certain song before a game could have impact on what they did on the field.

For the record, Reed enjoys R/B and gospel music while the players listen to rap and hip-hop.

The event started what will be a busy couple of days for the Tigers as they will square off against Southeast Missouri on Saturday night, visit a local middle school to raise vaccine awareness on Monday afternoon and one member from the team will be a panelist on Engaging Men Against Violence on Monday night in Kean Hall.