Community to Vote on Return to Hale Stadium
Thursday, October 6, 2011
Community to Vote on Return to Hale Stadium

NASHVILLE (TSU News Service) - Tennessee State University announced that beginning Friday, Oct. 7 at 3 p.m. the University would take a vote to determine if TSU football will return to Hale Stadium for the 2012 season.

President Portia H. Shields announced the launch of a new campaign in which alumni, friends and the TSU community can vote by text if they believe the Tigers should return to the "Hole" for the first time in more than a dozen years during the University's Centennial Celebration next year.

"This is something that alumni and current students have asked us to do and we are going to look into the possibility of returning Tiger football to the tradition of Hale Stadium," said Dr. Shields. "With our Centennial celebration taking place next year, we thought it was worth the effort of looking into the possibility of returning to the 'Hole' and allowing our current students and alumni the opportunity to experience football at home."

"Let's Settle It!" will allow voters to text their feelings and votes, whether for or against returning to Hale Stadium. Text HaleYeah if they for returning, or HaleNOPE if against. Anyone can vote for $10, which goes toward student scholarships. Voting begins Friday, October 7 and runs until November 12 with the majority winning, according to Dr. Shields.

"If the vote on going back to the Hole is no, I'm going to call my alumni and say, 'Where were you?'" Dr. Shields told reporters jokingly.

If the Tigers were allowed to return to Hale Stadium next year by the Nashville Sports Authority, they would still play their homecoming and John Merritt Classic at LP Field. Money already in the university's budget would be used for $1.5 million in renovations necessary to get the stadium ready for fans. Renovations would include demolishing the old ROTC building, paint and structural repair to the stadium, temporary restrooms and concessions and renting additional grandstand seating.

Hale stadium was built in 1953 and has a capacity of approximately 10,000. Tennessee State University went undefeated 10 times, won 10 championships in what used to be the Midwest Conference, and where the Tigers claimed the Ohio Valley Conference championship in 1998, the last season football was played in the stadium. In 1999 TSU moved to LP Field.