Coach Webster Attends Habitat for Humanity Home Dedication
Thursday, April 24, 2008

Student athletes assist with a home build for a Hurricane Katrina victim


Nashville --- Head football coach James Webster attended the NCAA Habitat for Humanity Home dedication for Ms. Beatrice, a Hurricane Katrina victim.


The construction of the home, funded by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, took place over four weekends and involved the participation of coaches and various student athletes from Tennessee State University. Members of the football, volleyball, women’s track, men’s & women’s tennis, and men’s & women’s golf assisted with the home build over different weekends. The student athletes reported to work at seven in the morning and worked through the afternoon.


Last Sunday, Coach Webster attended the home dedication for Ms. Beatrice representing athletics.


“It’s something that I think everybody should participate in, now that I’ve done it,” commented Webster on the home build. “She lost everything in the hurricane and for her to be able to come here and get a home brought me great joy. Seeing the look on her face when she got the keys made it well worth the time and effort that was spent.”


In 2005, Beatrice Bender, a native of New Orleans, lost her home and all of her belongings in Hurricane Katrina. Beatrice was a member of the Last Day Harvest Worship Center in New Orleans and relocated to Nashville through the efforts of a sister church in the area.


“I’m grateful for all the athletes that came out to help. If they could have been there to see the gratitude of home homeowner they’d know their contributions were greatly appreciated.”


Beatrice works for Senior Citizens, Inc. and is doing a great job putting her life back together after her loss.