Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Gridiron Tigers Take Early Day Off From Practice Tennessee State University head football coach James Webster gave his Tigers an early day-off from practice on Tuesday (8/15). "We were scheduled to be off tomorrow (Wednesday)," said Webster, but we've been going at it so hard in practice that we (coaching staff) felt we should switch our off day from Wednesday to Tuesday." After completing their first full week of practice, Webster feels the 2006 edition of the team is progressing. "We are getting in better shape after this first week," says Webster. "We are not where I want us to be as far as conditioning is concerned since some (players) didn't come to camp as they should have." Webster continued, "In that respect we are behind where we should be." Conditioning issues aside, the coaching staff sees overall improvement in the team. Defensive coordinator Ron Lambert says, "The young guys are beginning to understand our scheme's better. We are beginning to learn how to practice like champions." Lambert observed that the team is moving quicker than anticipating in the preparations for TSU's first opponent, Alabama A&M. "Lambert finished, saying, "We are getting at it (practice) real hard, stressing getting to the football." Offensive Coordinator Fred Kaiss commented, "We've been working really hard on our offensive schemes." "We want each player to know where he is supposed to be on any given play in the offense. That's especially important so that our quarterbacks and receivers can be able to anticipate each other on each and every play." As anticipated, quarterbacks Antonio Heffner and Jerald Cook are having a good camp. The receiving corps, consisting of Mike Mason, Chris Johnson, Jeremy Stephens, Jarrod Morrow, Gerald Morrow and Terrell Smith is rounding into a formidable unit. Defensively, linemen John Edwards (end) and Almonte Duncan (tackle) are having a good camp. Defensive backs Aaron Strong and Dominique Rodgers are performing well. Coach Webster's summed up his first week assessments saying, "I am pleased with the progress of our passing game, but we need to work harder on our running game." "Our defense has to learn to get to the ball." -- tsu --